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Starting a Summer Day Camp
In Your Martial Art School

By Mike Massie

Traditionally, summer has been one of the most difficult times of year for most martial arts schools. Thankfully, however, savvy studio owners have developed new ways to actually generate more income over the summer months than they do during the other months of the year.


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Pete DeCarlo
Pennsylvania, USA

How, you ask? For those of you who don’t mind teaching kids, the answer is “Summer Camps.”

Now, I’ve heard from a lot of instructors before that they don’t want to teach kids. All I can say to that is, before you opened your school you probably didn’t want to go to your job every day, either – but you did it because it paid the bills.

So, look at this like a temporary day job, but one that is a lot more profitable and a whole heck of a lot more fun (I mean, c’mon... you’ll be getting paid to play all day!)


The Bottom Line is... Summer Day Camps Increase Your Bottom Line

If you doubt that running a summer karate camp is worth your time, I’m here to tell you that it is and then some. We held very small summer camps for the last four years before we sold our Georgetown location. We typically ran camp for 8 weeks, taking a week or two off in the middle of summer and before school started.

Averaging just 15 kids per week, at $125 per week minimum tuition, our camps generated an extra $7,500 per month in revenue. We kept our overhead for camp expenses (including part-time help, vehicles, and activities) down to less than $25 per week per child, so we profited roughly $100 per week for each kid in camp.

Could you use an extra $12,000 this summer? I thought so…


Planning Considerations

There are just a couple of things to consider as you plan your summer camp:

1. State laws – This is your call. Many states have licensing regulations regarding day care that may or may not apply to your program. Save yourself some headaches and do your homework on state and local laws before you start your camp.

2. Advertising – Late March and early April is the time when parents are choosing summer activities for their kids. You need to start advertising before then if you plan to run a successful summer camp.

3. Transportation and activities – You need places to take the kids in your camp to get them out of the school for a few hours, and you need a way to transport them there. When we first started out, we used to rent a van two or three times a week during our summer camp.

Then, Frank Santarose showed us how to get buses for less than what it costs to rent them all summer. (Like I said, the guy’s a genius at this stuff.) Figure out how and where you’re going to shuttle your kids around right now so you don’t have to worry about it later.

4. It has to be fun – Okay, let me make this clear. You’re not going to produce any black belts over eight weeks of camp. Many of these kids will be new to martial arts training, so you want them to leave your camp wanting to come back (camps are also a good way to get new students, you know).

Maintain discipline and safety, but keep the training basic, do fun stuff, and let the kids have a good time. If the kids go home happy, they’ll tell their friends, and you’ll get more campers and students as time goes on.


About the author: Mike Massie has been a full-time school owner for more than 15 years of his 25 years in the martial arts, and has started two successful martial arts schools from scratch. Mike provides business coaching for instructors who are starting their own martial arts schools via this site.

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